Monday, January 18, 2016

Day 14 - Ultrasound and Bloodwork

At yesterday's ultrasound was not what I expected! 
I went in there not concerned about the 2 cysts, because they already told me they were not concerned with them, but curious how they were regardless. Well, they were both pretty much gone!

And then when my nurse moved the ultrasound over to my right side, there was very clearly a large pocket of fluid connected to my right ovary.
 So we measured it and right away she told me she wanted to draw my blood because pockets of fluid often times were an indicator that people had ovulated. She assured me it was very rare to ovulate while on Lupron (which I am), but that she wanted to get blood work just to put it in my record and to make us all feel better. 

Oh but wait.... She didn't anticipate blood work that day so she gave Jeff the day off. But there was a slight chance he would come in anyway, and if he did she would call me with the results yesterday afternoon.
And so we wait.
But she never called. So clearly Jeff didn't come in. 

There are only 2 ways this could go. 
1) I didn't ovulate, but because we pushed it out a day we wouldn't transfer until Saturday.
2) I did ovulate, so we stop the whole thing right then and there and we wait a month to start the whole cycle over again.

She FINALLY called an hour ago to tell me that I absolutely did not ovulate. Whew! 
My progesterone was at .37 which was below 1. Anything over 3 means you did ovulate. Thank goodness!!!

So this means option 1, thank you very much.
We are transferring our 3 littles on Saturday with a noon appointment!

My friend Amy posted this and I thought is was the perfect caption to these last few days. 
By the way, as much as I know and continued to pray that if for some reason God did not want this round to happen that he would stop it, I was really starting to get a little bummed about the thought of not doing it this round. I am just so pumped!!!

Which makes me super excited that we get to do it still!!!
Pray for Thomas and I along with our 3 littles, Jeff our embryologist, Dr Murrain, Charlene, and my acupuncturist Kalin. We are going to be one big team on Saturday to make this happen. With God in the directors chair choreographing the whole big beautiful thing.

It definitely won't be until Saturday afternoon, or even Sunday depending on how much I just want to relax when we get home that afternoon. But I will keep you all updated for sure!
Happy Week!!

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