Friday, January 15, 2016

Day 11 - Ultrasound

Great news! 

They still believe it is just gas and they don't care. 
Oh man. It still just makes me giggle. 
Worried about a little gas or constipation.

Anyway, my uterine lining which is all they really care about, was perfect. It measured at 12mm which means that even though I have 3 days left until my final "go forth" appointment, I don't have to think about trying to thicken up my lining. 

So we wait for the appointment on Sunday basically as a check the box kinda of a day. If you all remember from last round, I have to follow the 14 day cycle and then wait the 5 days because the embryos were frozen on day 5. So basically we are mimicking an IVF cycle for my body so that those little buddies are transferred on the exact day they would have been transferred if this was an IVF cycle. 

So we will wait for the "go forth" appointment on Sunday to get the "all clear" signal. 
Then I will work the longest work week every waiting for Friday. Oh wait, that will be the following weeks waiting for the pregnancy test. That's right.

Meanwhile, on the crazy hormone end....

....I am doing fine. Whew! I know you were all worried for Thomas' sake, but for what ever reason I am just fine. 
As of yesterday, I increased my estrogen for the third time (Sunday will be the fourth and final time), and to date, I have not been snarky. And that is both the words coming from my mouth and the thoughts in my brain just to clarify. 

I am continuing to pray that the joy continues to just overwhelm any hormonal desires, but so far so good! And the only thing I have noticed that the hormones have done is make me forget words when I am talking. A very unfortunate side effect if you want to sound smart. So I am taking a supplement called MindWise and hopefully that will help. 

Other then that, all's well in this corner of the globe. Will update you more after our Sunday appointment!

I don't have any great pictures from the appointment or anything else, so you all can see a few baby pictures of my dad, my sister Alyssa, and I. Because why not? 

Happy weekend you all.

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