Friday, November 13, 2015

We Officially Adopted Our Embryos!

Insert stunned silence here.

I have been wanting to get my thoughts down about my heart on adopting, but I don't really know where to start. I know that everyone's stories are different, but I think it always boils down to what God's story is for each of us and our road to get there.

I know in my heart of hearts that I have always loved the idea of adopting some day. 
I also know that embryo adoption has from the get go, always been something that has been our "next step" if IVF wasn't God's plan for expanding our family. What I hadn't anticipated, was the beautiful story God had been weaving for us and this other couple who has selflessly given us the ability to parent. And I hadn't anticipated how seamlessly we would roll from a round of IVF to Embryo Adoption.

The thing is, I always imagined that when we went down the embryo adoption route, that would mean having our own biological kids would be completely ruled out. Thomas so gently reminded me that God is a big God, and just because we are pursuing this, doesn't mean that we couldn't do a round of IVF after we bring all these little embryos into the world. And that completely changed my heart. Mainly, knowing it was not a closed door gave me the peace to move forward with this adoption.

And honestly, I am now at a place where if we never have our own biological kids, I am 100% ok with that. I know that being pregnant and then holding the wee one(s) in my arms will make it all very real (as will the lack of sleep I imagine). And I can guarantee that when they are in my arms, I will know that these littles are the ones God create for Thomas and I to parent. Because I already know it in my heart now.

I was created for this.
To adopt.
He created me, knowing we would adopt.
Still floors me.

I love a good story. And God has created my life intertwined with Thomas's to be an incredible story. A story of hope, of letting go, of peace, and of being given the most incredible gift. Of allowing our family to expand through this. Adoption.

I, We have adopted
Thomas and I.
We are responsible for these 5 embryos.
They are ours.
Stunningly beautiful.

When we decided to move onto embryo adoption, to me it was just another step to bringing home a baby. It was right. Smooth and painless. It wasn't until a friend mentioned me in a line of a few other women who have or are going through the process of adopting, that it stopped me in my steps.
I am adopting.

And I don't really know how to process that, because it is just right. It is how it is supposed to be and how our story is written. And I love it and wouldn't change it. And honestly my brain is having a hard time wrapping itself around the fact that we are adopting, because it just feels normal.

And of course I already have 5 littles sitting a mile away just waiting for me.
To be their Momma.
And that helps.Oh warm squishies!

Thank you Jesus for being so much bigger then my small brain. For creating a beautiful story. For caring for Thomas and I as we want to fill our home. For caring for these littles who get to become a part of our family.
So thankful.

And as much as this has been our life for the past year, I am so thankful that in spite of it all, Thomas and I have a beautiful life and our problem isn't really a problem compared to most people.

So so thankful for my life and the hope of our little family expanding in this beautiful way.

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  1. After 2 failed IVF's, we adopted our first 4 embryos. After another 2 rounds of frozen donated embryo failures, we adopted our son, Samuel in 2006. But God wasn't finished! We adopted 2 more embryos and I gave birth to our beautiful daughter Maggie in 2007. We are now foster parents (adoption to be completed in January) to 2 more beautiful daughters. Good luck to you. God never let's us down! Kimberly