Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The Differences between IVF and FET for Me.

 It has been a fascinating change going from IVF rounds to this first FET round. And as I have been walsking through it, I thought I would share how different the rounds have been for me. 

Whew! This has been the easiest part! I have loved being able to skate through this round feeling physically fit and when Saturday rolls around, I won't still be healing from the egg retrieval! I haven't felt a ton of impact physically from the shots or the estrogen. A few twinges now that I am up to 4 mg 4 times a day with the estrogen and now my rear is feeling the sting of the larger needles and more progesterone from the shots. But honestly, I feel GOOD!

And for the hardest part.... the winner is..... the stinking emotions. Man! When you are filling your body chock full of none normal hormones, it makes a HUGE difference! From Wednesday of last week until Saturday, the 5 day window kicked my rear! It was definitely the most "emotional" Thomas has ever seen me. The good thing was that we knew why I was reacting the way I was and I knew to keep my mouth shut!

We have been talking through my reactions so that he understands, but I still get the "your crazy" look from him often. :) And he knows he cannot blame all my reactions on the hormones. And neither can I!

I can say that with pregnancy and post baby hormones in the future, this is a great chance for us to learn to talk through things in a way we never have! Because quite frankly, I am pretty even keel and Thomas knows it! My favorite story from the weekend was when I told Thomas he had another year of my wonky emotions, the look on his face was priceless! And when I told him he should be happy because most women are way more emotional then me, he responded that if I had been that way originally he wouldn't have looked twice at me! And of course I don't blame him because neither of us like drama. So it works.

And this has been the easiest most relaxing part! I know it is hard to imagine, but not having to cheer on my body to produce the perfect number of follicles/eggs, cheer on Thomas's body to produce good swimmers, and then cheer on those little embryos that Jeff put together.... serious lack of strain. The last 2.5 weeks and the few remaining days we have, have been so calm. We are incredibly excited to have 5 of the best embryos both in having the highest scores and being frozen in the blastocyst stage on Day 6, which is the absolutely best an embryo can be frozen at.

The excitement and hope that comes from knowing we are basically passing time until my body is in the right place to take these little embryos and for them to stick on Saturday! I just cannot wait! There is no fear, no worry, not even a little anxiety. I know that God has His hands on which littles Jeff will choose to thaw out on Sat morning, even which additional ones if for some reason the first ones he chooses are not viable and growing.

HOPE is an amazing thing my friends!!!
And I can't wait to see my miracles.

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