Saturday, November 14, 2015


I find it fitting that this is my 100th post on The Invention of Tiny Toes blog. 
The day that we have the privileged of walking forward in faith toward a new type of family with our beautiful adopted embryos.
A day where we get to create a new family, a perfect for us family, a different family. 
And I love it!

Ok, here are all the details from our appointment this morning.

This is us on the way, in the waiting room, in the back room, and the moment the embryos were transferred on the ultrasound screen.

The process before we got there was all pretty simple. Jeff had thawed 2 embryos.
And they are beautiful.
There is no fragmentation and there was no degeneration from being frozen.

Let me introduce you to my embryos.
How he does that, is he takes them quickly out of the little vile where they have been living for the past 6.5 years and puts them straight into the first solution for 1 minute.
These 2 littles spent the last 6.5 years here on the little black tip right below the white. Do you see it? Absolutely crazy to think about!
Then into the next solution for 3 minutes.
Then into the final solution for 5 minutes. 
Then they go into a petri dish where he uses a solution to "hatch" them. 
You can see the faint circle around the cells. He uses a solution to break through that zona so that they have a better chance to attach to my uterine lining. 

These little buddies were frozen about 20 minutes before they were transferred into my uterus. Wow.
Jeff said that they were like a little deflated balloon and that in my uterus they should already be pushing out of the blastocele. 

 After they transferred them and waited 1 minute to make sure they floated away from the catheter, then just like in an IVF round, they empty my bladder so I can lay on the bed for an hour. Jeff came in some of that time to show us the DVD with these little embryos.

I also asked him lots of questions about the process of freezing and about the solutions needed to thaw out the embryos.

I also decided to break my traditional mode of not buying any baby clothes until after I knew I was prego for my IVF cycles and decided to just go for it with this FET cycle!

So I got 2 of each.
Can't wait to use these!

What's next?
Welp I keep taking 4 mg of estrodial every 6 hours. So every time the clock strikes 4 or 10, I am taking a pill. You are welcome now when you see the clock and think of me.

And Thomas still gives me a shot in the rear of progesterone.

And now we wait until the pregnancy blood test!

That is all I got.
Happy Saturday you all!

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