Sunday, June 28, 2015

Day 3 - Operation Quattro

Round 4
Operation Audi All Wheel Drive is a go!
Or for all of us who do not get that and do not understand why Thomas named this round that,
we will call it, Operation Quattro is a go!

Apparently the Audi All Wheel Drive is also called "Quattro". Who knew?

Here is the approximate Schedule for this next round.
Remember that Day 1 is the day I started my cycle. So today is technically Day 3

June 28th - Shots and appointment Day 3
June 29th - Shots Day 4
June 30th - Shots Day 5
July 1st - Shots and appointment Day 6
July 2nd - Shots and appointment Day 7
July 3rd - Shots and appointment Day 8
July 4th - Shots and appointment Day 9
July 5th - Shots and appointment Day 10
July 6th - Shots and appointment Day 11

From here on out depends on how my body is responding. But I will either continue on shots or being this next schedule
July 7th - Free Day!
July 8th - Extraction day for both Thomas and I
July 9th - Day 1 Embryos grow
July 10th - Day 2 Embryos grow
July 11th - Day 3 implant

The Prayer Map
But here is what I would really like for you all to do. Let me know if you are walking through this with us and praying for us. I would love to fill in these maps to see our support system journeying with us all over the world.

Because you all mean the world to us. And even if someone already said your state or country, let me know because I would love to write down the list of names and places to show our kiddos some day how incredibly loved and prayed for they are! 

And now...
Tonight I do my first shot. And I continue on with shots until wednesday. So there will be no numbers to report until then. So I may write, but maybe not.

Here we go again!
Let me know where you are rooting us on and praying for us from!