Saturday, March 28, 2015

Day 2 - Starting Shots

OK, I know it is weird that we started with Day 3. Technically I am actually at Day 2, and Day 1 was the day I started my cycle, but for the sake of matching the other rounds, this will technically be the same as last times Day 3. So this will get us on track.

Soooo… Naturally when we look at the schedule we set up between the last 2 rounds, it would all go according to plan, right?

Uh huh. 

So as Thursday came to a close and my cycle had still not started, I started to get a little nervy. Charlene even called me Thursday afternoon to check up on me. So when I talked to her again on Friday morning, we decided that because I had started a little that morning, we would keep the schedule with a sat morning appointment.

So I was scheduled for 9:30. Never mind I had people coming over for freezer cooking. Or that was right in the middle of my productive sat morning. I had to be productive with figuring out if round 3 was a go. 

So in I went this morning. Had my ultrasound and my uterine lining is thin and looking good. All we had to do was wait for the phone call to see if my estrodial levels are below 50. That was the goal.

They were at 20. It's a go!

First shot of round 3!
Also, because you all want to know… first BBQ picture of the season!!!
So, here we go my friends. The schedule from last post is still what we are going to. 
Shots, shots, SHOTS!!!!

Also, I have an iPhone now. This may mean a different perspective of pictures. Hence the first picture. 

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