Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Why I Am Telling Our Story - In Excessive Detail

When Thomas and I first decided to pursue our infertility, I had no where to start. I read lots of people's blog posts. I read articles. I did research. 

I only knew of 2 local options. I had a friend who went through the Tacoma branch of Seattle Reproductive Medicine and I had heard about the Gyft Clinic in Tacoma, but that was about it. I had so little knowledge going into this.

With this in mind, I am telling our story for 3 reasons. 
1. I want anyone else who is out there and is considering doing In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) through the Gyft Clinic to have more knowledge then I did going into this.
2. I want to have this all recorded for myself to look back on years down the road when I have my own little one in my arms.
3. For any family or friends that are out there, that are curious about the nitty gritty details (because I know I ALWAYS want to know them) here you are.

But be warned! There are lots of them! And some might be more detailed then others.
But here is what we went through from start to finish with the Gyft Clinic for our IVF adventure.

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